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  • This saltmarsh is well known for the roosting site for Pacifis Golden Plovers (Sept to April). width:800;;height:533
  • Uca coarctata in Bruguiera gymnorhiza forest width:800;;height:533
  • Small numbers of Neosarmatium occurs width:800;;height:533
  • Perisesarma brevicristatum in Rhizophora forest width:800;;height:533
  • Macrophthalmus pacificus in Rhizophora forest width:800;;height:533
  • Paracleistostoma wardi in Ceriops forest. Carapace to 20 mm across width:800;;height:533
  • Uca signata in salt marsh. width:800;;height:533
  • Perasesarma sp. (we used call them Perisesarma) in the Airport Boardwalk. Found them in a mixed forest of C. australis and R. stylosa. This particular crab was eating a leaf of R. stylosa. Canon EOS 7D + EF70-200 F4L IS +EF1.4xII width:800;;height:533
  • Shining Flycatcher Male<br />Canon EOS 6D + EF300 F2.8L III + EF14xIII width:720;;height:480
  • Shining Flycatcher Female<br />Canon EOS 6D + EF70-200 F4L IS +EF1.4xII width:720;;height:479
  • Hypochrysops apelles (Copper Jewel)<br />Canon EOS KDX (400D) + EFS60 F2.8 width:720;;height:480
  • Hypochrysops narcissus Male (Narcissus Jewel)<br />Canon EOS KDX (400D) + EFS60 F2.8 width:720;;height:479
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